Get high Page ranking value using directory submission

Get high Page ranking value using directory submission

Hello Guys today i will discuss how to “Get high Page ranking value using directory submission” .This is a SEO technique by using this you can increase your website page ranking value in search engines like google.

PR value:

PR means page rank, every search engine gives the page rank value(PR Value) to your website on the basis of contents and quality of the website.PR value of each page can be different depends upon the content can be in  the scale between 0 to 10.High page ranking value can represent popularity of your website.If your website have high “PR value” search engine show in the top  most list of the your all searches .A lots of website are available on the internet by using these you can check the page ranking value  of your website for example

by clicking on the link you can check your “page ranking value”.

How to get high Page ranking value using directory submission?

“Directory submission” is used for getting high page ranking value or do follow backlinks for increasing the traffic on your website.This technique is used when your site in not popular and having less traffic. In this case your site will not found on top most list of the google search do to low “PR value”.

in this case you will submit your website URL on various business directories or web directories to create backlinks. These web directories have a hug database that list your website based on the categories and subcategories. We should always should select those websites which already have high PR value and giving us good quality of do follow backlinks after directory submission.

here i am giving some list of website for” directory submission”


More you can find with google search.

Process of Directory Submission:-

step 1:- open any one of above given websites.

step 2:- click on the submit link.

step 3:-Select for free or paid option given on the top of diagram

step 4:-Fill the information like Title,URL,Description of website,Name,Email id,category or subcategory etc.

Step 5:-In the last click on the submit button.

by following these steps your website will be index on a special group which category you will selected during information filling.It will help to the search engine for filtering or searching  your website in a special group.

Hope this topic will help you to “Get high Page ranking value using directory submission“.




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